Abrasion resistance

In comparison to other pallets for concrete block machines, such as those composed of solid wood and bamboo, 真人体育ob注册 Hardwood Composite Pallets for concrete bricks have considerably higher wear resistance capabilities. With a long service life, the pallet has a wear-resistant surface hardness. The reinforcement of hardwood ensures strong cohesion ensuring high resistance to the grinding of concrete blocks.

Excellent load bearing

真人体育ob注册 Hardwood Composite concrete brick pallets carry high limit load and bending strength. It can easily withstand large amounts of pressure without ruptures and breaking. As a result of such, it is suitable for large weighted items like kerbstones and solid blocks.

Impact resistance

真人体育ob注册 Hardwood concrete block pallets have the ability to withstand high impacts, way higher than that of a PVC or recycled plastic board. These impacts are inevitable in a concrete block factory; and are helpful in extending the working life of the pallet.

Water resistance

Since it is manufactured with waterproof adhesive, 真人体育ob注册 Hardwood Composite Pallets for concrete blocks are highly water-resistant surfaces. It does not need any additional coatings to be water or impact resistant.

Temperature resistance

真人体育ob注册 Hardwood Composite Pallets for concrete blocks have excellent weather resistance; ranging from -40°C to +90°C. These pallets are suitable to be used in Steam Curing with high temperature and humidity. Also, due to its water resistance, the pallet’s structure is not affected by humid environments or high temperatures.

Environmentally friendly

真人体育ob注册 Hardwood Composite Pallets for Concrete Blocks is an ecological alternative to other materials as the pallet is manufactured from plantation timber..

Cost reduction

Due to its strength and high impact resistance, our 真人体育ob注册 Hardwood Composite Pallets are incredibly difficult to damage and thus result in an increase in the number of cycles it can be used in a concrete block machine.

Labour saving design and easy to use

真人体育ob注册 Hardwood Composite Brick Pallets are suitable for all types of conveying inside a Concrete product manufacturing factory and are safe, hygienic, pest-proof and tamper-proof.